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EDU Interactive is an Inquiry Generation Company founded in 2011 as Becker Interactive, Inc. by a seasoned Media, Education, and Technology leadership team. The foundation of EDU Interactive comes from the offices of our co-founder, Roger Becker, who created Becker Media nearly 30 years ago and has operated as a Full-Service Agency of Record in the US EDU industry since 2004.

As we celebrated our 5th year of operation in 2016, we re-branded the company as EDU Interactive to even closer reflect our continued long term dedication to the Education Industry.

Same Company · Same People · New Brand


In contrast to typical lead generation companies who approach the market from the perspective of general marketing and technology only, EDU Interactive has solid roots in three critical areas: Silicon Valley Technology, Educational Marketing and Traditional Media.


Quality Control and Compliance are central to our DNA.  Our Silicon Valley tech team maintains in-house control of all technology used to generate inquiries for schools. EDU Interactive’s engineering team combines the use of proprietary technologies and best-of-breed third party applications to ensure the highest quality results.


The EDU Interactive Advantage comes from our extensive media experience, combined with first-hand Education industry experience and an industry leading technology platform. These key elements ensure that only students who express intent are submitted as inquiries to your school.

A Fact Worth A Thousand Words

"We bring a Personalized Level of Service to every client we work with,
which is why our clients love us and stay with us."

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Let’s Meet the Team

These are the leaders, along with a team of media, it, and support professionals, who make it all happen.

Roger Becker

Roger Becker Chairman

Education Advertising legend Roger Becker was instrumental in forming the foundation of EDU Interactive out of the offices of Becker Media, as well as co-owning a career college in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This range of perspective provides Mr. Becker with unusually keen insight into the day-to-day challenges faced by schools as they search for high quality leads in today’s compliance-conscience environment. With Roger’s leadership, the Becker team has firmly established a reputation for innovation, expertise, and integrity and continues to evolve with the latest demands of the postsecondary education industry.

Michael Miller

Michael Miller President

Admiration for brand building and decades developing Marketing, Sales, and General Management in Silicon Valley — working with start-ups and global brands such as Apple, Safeway, and Informix - led Michael Miller to join forces with Roger Becker to create EDU Interactive.  Michael’s drive for Education comes naturally, growing up around quite a few educators and eventually marrying a teacher. Every time he meets someone whose life has been changed by one of our client schools, his drive to match students with schools becomes even stronger.

James Hawks

James Hawks COO

As the brains behind the operation, James Hawks led the development of EDU Interactive’s industry-leading technology platform. His passion for analytics, combined with a deep understanding of diverse media channels, drives him to lead a devoted effort, focused on optimization of every campaign, large and small. During the late 90's James was there implementing technology platforms for auto finance and mortgage industries. The results of his 18+ years of experience and leadership are seen every time a student connects with a school advisor and enrolls making an investment in his or her future.

Jeremey Everett

Jeremey Everett Director of Business Development

For more than a decade, Jeremey has been dedicated to the college industry. He began where all of the magic happens, an Admissions Advisor with Bryman College and Assistant Director of Admissions at Delta Career Education. Jeremey then became an instrumental part of building a start-up technology company in Silicon Valley called AcademixDirect, helping the company grow to meet the needs of colleges and universities across the country. His analytic skills were further sharpened as a member of the EDU team at Quinstreet, before joining EDU Interactive.

Shannon Nicholson

Shannon Nicholson Business Development Manager

Shannon brings a strong background in both traditional and digital sales, including recent experience in EDU working for Target Direct Marketing in Boston and Gragg Advertising in Kansas City. She brings deep experience in SEO, Print, TV, Radio, and Email marketing, including extensive work as a voice-over actor for TV & Radio spots. Shannon grew up about 20 minutes from Boston, attended Catholic school and Brandeis University. She recently re-located to Orlando, Florida where she operates our east coast office.

Candace Warn

Candace Warn Digital Media Manager

Candace has a very diverse background in sales and marketing. Candace came from Quick Spark Financial working as a broker and was responsible for creating digital marketing material for her clients. Candace has extensive experience with call center operations, quality assurance, and traffic optimization. Candace is a results driven type of person, loves analytics and finding solutions. She also has experience coaching sales representatives and helped her previous team exceed their daily expectations. Candace grew up in Southern California and is now living in Arizona working at our Phoenix location. Her three dogs are her pride and joy and outside of work is very involved in the cheer and dance community.

An Innovator In Education Marketing Technology

EDU Interactive was formed to help match students with great opportunities
for education to help them get to the next level. 

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