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EDU Interactive is not your standard marketing company. We deploy a wide set of technologies to produce more results per employee-hour than possible at any other time in history. We use email 24/7, keep in touch with co-workers across the country with internal chat and video conferencing on the fly throughout the day, create systems to auto-route communication with our customers and each other, manage millions of dollars in media spend through a combination of deeply optimized analysis, instinct and experience, and even make a few phone calls once in a while. We are addicted to Data, Feedback, Growth and Communication. Our family time is what drives every one of us to bring our "A" game to work every day. By focusing on productivity instead of the clock, we keep our lives in balance.

Started in the Silicon Valley and now headquartered in AZ, EDU Interactive is a leader in education marketing - providing a matchmaking platform that introduces highly interested student prospects to our clients who operate great colleges and universities. EDU Interactive consistently deliver the right prospects at the right volume to campus and online locations, resulting in an optimized ROI every step of the way. The company’s data-centric accountable approach combines direct marketing expertise and comprehensive search / media reach with one of the most advanced marketing technology platforms in existence to deliver top-shelf results for every client.

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An Innovator In Education Marketing Technology

EDU Interactive was formed to help match students with great opportunities
for education to help them get to the next level. 

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