Quality With Media, Process, And Delivery

Our Advanced Technology Platform

For us, technology is more than a means to an end. It is part of an important process that ensures you are in compliance and gain quality students, in real-time, that are prepared to enroll.

Quality Control

We incorporate the most advanced technological tools to ensure the highest level of quality.


EDU Interactive's engineering team combines the use of proprietary technologies and best of the best third-party applications to ensure the highest quality results.


We strive to generate the highest quality inquiries. Our client’s conversion rates speak for themselves.

We Focus On Quality And Compliance

At EDU Interactive, this is central to our DNA.

Quality Control Student verification and validation

The EDU Interactive advantage is how we create and use technology to review all inquiry data for verification, validation, and most importantly, student intent to enroll in a program that matches your offering.

We incorporate internal and external verification tools and an industry-leading platform to ensure the highest level of quality. In fact, we stress quality from the moment an inquirer responds to display, search, or mobile advertising, to the moment when you receive the inquiry to discuss enrollment options.

Compliance Inquiry analysis in real-time

EDU Interactive was founded with the intent to deliver compliant traffic at all steps, because we understand the importance of compliance, quality and transparency.

Our proprietary technology is integrated with top third-party products to analyze every inquiry before it is delivered to your admissions counselor. This quality control process touches on multi-point data arrays, specifically optimized to your program, geography, and brand. And, this all happens in real-time.

Diverse Media With Real-Time
Processing Gets Results

We focus on meeting your goals and delivering better student outcomes. Where other media companies serve multiple markets, we serve only one — postsecondary education. This unique focus allows us to know the industry better than anyone else.

With every campaign, we invest our own media dollars to search the Internet and find people interested in attending your school. We combine traditional marketing with search, mobile, social, and interactive marketing methods to produce valuable student enrollment. Our reputation for delivering inquiries with the highest levels of intent has been built on proprietary technologies, analytics, and processes. Our technology team maintains in-house control of all processes — from development to updates, delivery, feedback, and campaign optimization. To ensure we are aligned with branding and regulatory guidelines, we include steps to identify every lead, giving you a lead history for your records.

For you, this means delivery of the industry’s highest quality leads that are exclusive to your school. Contact us today. We could already be searching for your next student.

Example Campaign:

Paid Search30%
Organic Search 5%
Email 8%
Call Verified10%
Social Media7%

An Innovator In Education Marketing Technology

EDU Interactive was formed to help match students with great opportunities
for education to help them get to the next level. 

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