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DATAHQ is a customizable performance marketing platform that provides detailed marketing analytics and real time lead access in a centralized location. Easily manage inbound leads, lead quality and lead vendor access in minutes instead of days.

Lead Tracking

Easy and efficient tracking of all inbound leads from all channels and partners. Track uploaded lead files, SEM, SEO, third party direct posts and landing page leads in real time.


Set rules based on campus and online programs for a cleaner marketable database. Reduce spam, blank submissions, duplicate and “fake leads” from your marketable lead list. Validate and route leads by channel and lead type.

Campaign Management

Click to define and update acceptable lead data. Update form posting instructions in one space to create universal compliance for all campaigns. Continue to receive leads in the format you are most comfortable with, whether it be email or direct post. Set pricing by campus or online or by channel or vendor.

Focus time on growing not managing

Lead Tracking

DATAHQ integrates with your current tech stack and technology partners for seamless lead management. DATAHQ’s robust reporting allows tracking of marketing data through the entire customer lifecycle. Retail lead data can be viewed by vendor, phone number, Lead ID, campus, program and date.


Set custom parameters to identify acceptable leads delivery based on programs, campus, zip code (or state), and grad year. Receive CRM data to DATAHQ in real time or via nightly batch updates to better understand student life cycle and lead performance. Easily define required fields and acceptable data by lead type to reduce impact on admissions and increase performance.

Campaign Management

Update FPI’s and set rules in one location to update vendors of changes to program listings, campus availability or price. Update routing rules to deliver leads per campus or program or based on zip code or grad dates. Track milestones to adjust allocation or remove programs based on capacity and offering.

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